2 natural cockroach repellents to try today

By  Pest Free


Keeping your home cockroach free is essential for your families health and hygiene. When you consider the types of diseases cockroaches can carry it’s no wonder we find these crawling critters so nasty.

Plus, the cockroach breeding cycle is so efficient that you can find your home infested in a short space of time. 

For many of us, it’s important to minimise the amount of chemical products we use around our home, so we are going to learn 2 simple natural cockroach repellents that you can try today.

Essential oil solutions that smell wonderful

The sweet scent of peppermint is one of the most pleasant aromas for humans, but for cockroaches mint oil is unbearable. A lab study in 2001 confirmed the effectiveness of mint oil as a repellent and found that it can actually be toxic to various species of cockroaches.

Create a simple mixture of water and 20-25 drops of tea tree oil or peppermint oil. Mix well, pour into a spray bottle and use liberally around cupboards, cabinets, fridges and microwaves.

Diatomaceous Earth - Nature’s cockroach repellent

Diatomaceous Earth (or DE) is a naturally occurring mineral substance with many uses, including a health supplement and body cleanser for humans. As a natural cockroach repellent, DE works by dehydrating the cockroaches body after coming into contact with the substance. The best part is that it is natural, non-toxic and safe for pets and children.

Make sure you look for “food grade” DE so you know it is completely safe to use around your house. Sprinkle DE in cracks and crevices that you have observed cockroach activity and use around the garden as a deterrent as well.

These two natural cockroach repellents are safe, cost effective options that you can try out in your home if you have recently noticed cockroach activity.

If you think you may have a cockroach infestation that requires a more powerful solution, Pest Free offers a wide range of natural, chemical free pest control solutions that use electromagnetic technology. 

Image source: Pixabay

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