3 things you need to do for child friendly pest control

By  Pest Free

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Nothing gets us squirming quite like a cockroach scurrying across the kitchen floor.

The situation is even more embarrassing when it happens in our own home.

When we become so focused on killing bugs and insects, we sometimes forget how harmful pesticides are to our health. More importantly, the health complications that toxic chemicals can have on our kids.

Exposure to some pesticides have been linked to childhood cancers, learning disabilities and even asthma. Babble explores the risks pest control can have on babies and children.

So this brings us to the question:

“How can I keep ants, cockroaches and rodents away without impacting my kids’ health?”

We’re going to show you three ways:

#1: Use natural pest control repellents

#2: Use non toxic chemicals that kill pests but won’t harm kids

#3: Use a chemical-free pest control technology

We’re going to explore each of these three methods and give you practical advice you can implement right away.

Let’s kick it off with a preventative tactic — natural pest control repellents.

Use natural pest control repellents

Minimise the number of chemicals in your home by using natural pest control repellents.

It’s a warm summer night and you’re woken by the sound of pests running around in your roof. Startled by the noise, your newborn baby starts crying. It’s the third night in a row these pesky pests have disturbed the peace. Time to roll up your sleeves and create some natural pest repellents. We’ve shared three natural pest repellent strategies:

Natural insect repellent

What you need:

  • 10 drops of essential oils of mint, lavender, and eucalyptus
  • Vinegar
  • Water

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle. When insects cross your path, spray them. This solution can also be used as a deterrent in known pest hotspots around the home.

Natural ant repellent

What you need:

  • Cayenne powder (Available from your local supermarket)
  • Diatomaceous earth (Available online at Diatomaceous Earth Online)

Mix both ingredients and sprinkle the powder in ant-prone areas.

Natural cockroach repellent

What you need:

  • Diatomaceous earth

Sprinkle the soil above cabinets, windows and entry ways.

If the natural repellent methods aren’t working then it may be time to give non toxic chemicals a try. Read on for our most effective methods.

Use non toxic chemicals that kill pests but won’t harm kids

Many household products such as essential oils or borax, sugar and water are harmless for kids but deadly for pests. Here are two approaches to getting rid of the nasty creepy crawlers:

Borax, sugar and water kills ants

Soak the solutions into cotton balls and leave the balls around doors and windows sills. The solution is toxic to ants and will kill them.

Natural ingredients to kill roaches:

Have a roach infestation? Here are six natural ingredients that can be used for effective cockroach elimination:

  • Soapy water
  • Make traps with petroleum jelly
  • Baking soda and sugar
  • Fabric softener spray
  • Coffee traps

Is your pest problem seriously out of hand? Natural non toxic chemicals may not be powerful enough to get rid of large infestations. You’re going to have to call in the big guns. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a pest controller.

Pest Free’s chemical-free pest control technology is the safe, simple solution for your family.

Use a chemical-free pest control technology

Hundreds of thousands of families are using a Pest Free device.

The technology will not impact your kids or pets’ health! It’s a family-safe, environmentally responsible, cost effective, long-term and maintenance free solution.

The device uses pulses of electro-magnetic force to repel pests such as rodents, rats, mice and cockroaches.

Pest Free uses no chemicals, fumes or toxic materials. This makes the product completely safe to use in the home and around children.

If you’re looking for a long term solution to pest control then give Pest Free a try.

Child friendly pest control

No-one wants a pest-infestation. More importantly, we seek solutions which won’t negatively impact our loved one’s health. Here are the three key solutions outlined in the article:

  • Prevention: How to stop pests from entering the home buy using natural homemade repellents
  • Short-term solution: How to kill pests by creating non-toxic chemicals that kill pests but aren’t harmful to children
  • The long-term solution: Pest Free technology

The decision is now in your hands. Are pests already roaming your home? Use our short term solutions while you wait for our Pest Free device to arrive.

Order our natural, child friendly pest control solution at Pest Free today