Are Rats & Mice Territorial? 4 Facts You Need To Know

By  Pest Free


Feral rats and mice are a major problem in Australian homes.

Rodents can make themselves at home anywhere, from houses to apartments, businesses, gardens and even barns. Wherever there’s food, rats and mice will be there. They’re not picky, either, and tend to gnaw through food wrappers.

Say goodbye to your bread, muesli bars and biscuits when rats come knocking!

These rodents, however, can also be dangerous. Rats and mice spread disease through their fur, their urine, and their droppings, plus can transmit viruses through their bites. Rodents can also be destructive, biting through electrical cables and gnawing on wooden doors.

So - what drives rodents to bite and chew through cables, doors, windowsills and more? The answer is simple. Rats and mice are territorial. Learn all the facts about rats and mice - and find out how to get rid of them for good.

#1. Rats are very territorial mammals and tend to bite

Rats are territorial animals and will become aggressive or scared when faced with strange rats, animals, and dangerous situations.

When feeling threatened or territorial, rats will fluff up their hair, hiss, squeal, and move their tails around when protecting their territory. You should also never attempt to pick up a rat - unlike mice who run away when they’re scared, rats tend to bite when they’re concerned.

Considering these rodents are known for spreading diseases, rat bites should be avoided at all costs! Rat bites and scratches can result in diseases like lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV) - a viral infectious disease, salmonellosis, or even rat-bite fever.

#2. Wild rats can be aggressive and destructive

As we mentioned before, rats are prone to biting when scared or threatened. However, rats can be aggressive in other ways, too, like gnawing through food wrappers, drywall, and even electrical cables!

Rat damage tends to be larger than that of a mouse. The destruction is quite recognisable - think large droppings, grease marks and bite marks on wooden baseboards, cabinets, doors and window panes.

Rats are also attracted to electrical wires, piping and insulation. The rodents gnaw on the chewy materials and leave your chargers, cables and more frayed. Rats can be very destructive when left uncontrolled.

#3. Mice are also territorial and mark their territory with urine

While mice are known for scurrying away in the face of danger, they sure know how to mark their territory.

Mice mark their territories with urine much like dogs - so if you’ve got mice, they’re almost guaranteed to be leaving urine on the kitchen floor, plus anywhere else they like to travel throughout the house.

It’s important to keep on top of mice infestations in your home because these rodents are known for transmitting hantavirus - a dangerous virus that can cause difficulty breathing in humans and can become fatal if left untreated. The virus is transmitted when humans inhale airborne particles from rodent droppings and urine.

#4. Mice are intelligent and check their territories for potential dangers

Mice are smart, organised little creatures.

Mice examine their territories each and every day to ensure nothing about the environment has changed. In other words, mice check for potential dangers and make sure it’s safe to return for food - which is why mice don’t immediately respond to mouse traps. Mice recognise new items in the area and avoid them where possible.

If you’re planning on using mouse traps, you’re going to need to set them up for several days before a mouse will get caught.

Rather than waiting for traps to do their thing and kill the poor creature, we recommend looking into a more natural solution to pest control.

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