Can rats cause home fire hazards?

By  Pest Free

There’s no doubt that rats are an unwelcome visitor in any home, for a number of reasons  – we have outlined the numerous risks to your health that can arise from a rodent infestation in a previous blog post

Image: Madaise

But what goes on behind the scenes when rats have discovered a nice little hidey-hole to hang out? Not only should you be concerned about rats coming into contact with your food, or leaving behind some potentially toxic unpleasantness, there is also the possibility of rats causing home fire hazards on your premises.,  


But without a naked flame and some serious accelerants on hand, how on earth is a rat going to cause a fire in your home?


The answer is built in to every rat, as a part of their physiological framework. Put simply, rats like to chew on just about anything. Due to a set of incisors that don’t stop growing, rats have an innate urge to chew on just about anything to constantly wear their teeth down to a manageable length. 


With this mind, it’s no wonder rats have a field day behind your walls, in cupboards or in the ceiling. Any exposed wiring or cables around your home are considered a delicacy for the common rodent. Once the protective insulation has been chewed off a power cable, you are left with exposed, live wires carrying electricity around your home.


 All it takes is a little bit of moisture to come into contact with an exposed wire, or for current spikes to occur on the damaged wires and a fire can start easily. Especially, when the internal cavities of your home often hold flammable insulation materials or at the very least, a lot of timber. 

There have been numerous instances of house fires that authorities have attributed to rats, and the results have been devastating. In 2014, an English farmhouse was severely damaged by fire cause by an electrical fault that fire crews blamed on rats chewing through electrical wires. 

The fact that there serious home fire hazards may be present in residencies everywhere without people knowing is a big concern. Pest Free provides safe, environmentally-friendly pest control units that plug directly into your wall and use electromagnetic technology to make your home uninhabitable for rodents and common household pests.

If you are concerned about the possibility of rodents causing a home fire hazard, contact us or browse the online store today.