How much is pest control? Chemicals vs. Chemical free

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Pests destroying your home or property can cost thousands of dollars.

Cockroaches carry fatal diseases that can harm your kids and beloved pets.

Rats eat everything and can cause fires by chewing through cables.

An ant can lift 20 times its own body weight so an army of ants can easily take over your pantry. Put cockroaches, rats and ants together and you’ve got more than a headache on your hands. You can tack a hefty bill onto that, too.

Here’s the thing. Pests don’t have to ruin your home or property. Having pest control mechanisms in place is a cost-effective solution. Pest control will cost less than the alternative, which is damage to both your health and potentially your home.

This article is going to cover two important aspects of pest control for your home.

First, we’ll explain the differences between chemical and chemical free pest control solutions

Then we’ll break down the cost of each and help you decide the most effective solution for your home.

How much will chemical pest control really cost you?

Numerous pesticides that were once deemed to be safe are now banned from the shelves as they caused serious health repercussions.

Our kids are most at risk from inhaling chemical pest control products that aren’t stored or used properly.

As we breathe in hazardous pest control chemicals, the nasty chemicals absorb into the skin. This can either cause immediate and acute poisoning effects, or can accumulate and remain in our bodies for years.

History shows regulatory authorities failing to prevent the contamination of the environment and human health by products said to be safe such as Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, Dioxins, DDT, Dieldrin and other Persistent Organic Pollutants. These products were not (and are still not in many cases) withdrawn until decades after good scientific evidence was presented to demonstrate their damage.

Chemical approaches may seem like a quick fix solution but they can cause your family years worth of health and medical bills.

Looking to use chemical pest control?

As a ballpark you’re looking at about $120 - $700 for a professional to come in and give your home a pest control treatment. The common factors that can increase price include:

  • The extent of the problem — is your home infested with rodents, ants, and cockroaches or is it a minor problem?
  • Ease of access — does the pest control professional need to get up into your home’s roof?
  • The type of work —different companies may have different pest control solutions. This, along with how many rooms need pest solution will also be factored in
  • The number of treatments — One treatment is sometimes not enough and you may find yourself needing multiple treatments for the pests to go away

Therefore, we highly recommend you take the chemical free approach that we will explain below.

Chemical free pest control, the cost effective solution

Pest Free technology is the most cost effective solution to keep your family safe in the long run.

We always want to stay in control, whether it’s from pests, the common cold or simply ensuring our kids grow up with a positive future in sight.

One way we can protect our loved ones is by using chemical-free pest control. That way our pets and children aren’t affected.

Technology has changed quite a lot over the past 25 years and the industry is constantly looking for ways to produce more eco-friendly products.

Here are two benefits of our new chemical-free technology:

It’s safe for the environment: using Pest Free eliminates the need for toxic chemicals that are often used in alternative pest control options.

It can be used around children and pets: our chemical-free device is completely safe for your family and all beloved pets. Don’t let an allergy stop you from having a pest free home. Our product is safe even for those who suffer from common chemicals.

How much will our chemical free technology cost you?

Unit and Use type


The new technology Pest Free Domestic Units

Normal price: $239.90 each. Covers up to 200 sqm

The Pest Free Domestic Unit (the original Pest Free device)

Normal price $119.95 each. Covers up to 200 sqm

The Pest Free Pro (for businesses e.g restaurants coffee shops, delicatessens, butchers, cake shops, and larger homes)

Normal price: $289.95. Covers up to 350 sqm

Pest Free Micro Unit (Highly recommended for use in vending machines, commercial coffee machines, fridges, air conditioners, commercial dishwashers, factory robots,)

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Pest Free Commercial (proven highly successful in government departments, supermarkets, hospitals, gaols, factories, nursing homes, schools, resorts, hotels etc, naming just a few)

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Which pest control solution should you choose?

How much will pest control actually cost you? It depends on the device you choose.

Home devices are cheaper than commercial devices. Pest Free is designed to last for many years. In fact, most of our customers have had their units operating successfully for well over ten years.

Chemical products may help control more pests, such as ants, than a Pest Free can. However chemicals often rid the problem in the short-term but then you have to pay again in a few months or years when the nasty pests come back again.

And let’s not forget the potential risks of all those nasty ingredients in chemical based pest control products. Ready to take a stand against pests? View our pest control product range and choose the product best for your needs.

How much is pest control? Peace of mind is more affordable than you might think