Improvements to our Safe Pest Control Technology

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This month, we have some exciting news for new and existing Pest Free customers. Pest Free technology has improved and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the new technology. To gain the best (and most insightful answers) we spoke to the man himself, Ray Connell, President of Pest Free - if there’s anyone who understands the new technology, it’s Ray.

What’s the difference between the old Pest Free technology and the new technology?

As you can imagine, technology has changed quite a lot over the past 25 years and while the Pest Free technology remains sound, advances in electronics have enabled us to evolve our technology and incorporate the latest componentry into all our products. Here’s what the Pest Free technology looked like today (left) compared to 25 years ago (right). 

At Pest Free Australia, we only use the highest grade electronics and manufacturing techniques. We also developed and designed a unit to protect every building and now even protects machines such as washing machines, refrigerators and micro units. Pest Free products are the only products in the world to have had proven double blinded scientific testing and a World Wide HACCP endorsement, within the Food Industry.

What’s the core benefit of using the new technology?

It’s really important to our customers that their pest control measures don’t harm the environment. Using Pest Free eliminates the need for toxic chemicals that are often used in alternative pest control options. At Pest Free we aim to create a safe product that will benefit your life, not impede your health.

Is the new technology safe, particularly children and pets?

Pest Free technology is completely safe for your family and all beloved pets such as dogs, cats, birds and fish. And don’t let an allergy stop you from having a pest free home. Our product is safe even for those who suffer from common chemicals.

How long before you start seeing results using the new technology?

You usually start to see results within the first few weeks of plugging in your new Pest Free unit. Although, keep in mind results can occur sooner and in some extreme cases the results can take a little longer to come into effect. The pulse-modulation that Pest Free units produce, helps to ensure rodents won’t be able to nest and breed on your premises. It operates in places chemicals can’t reach, which is why our technology is so unique. And while our units do help deter pests, it's still important to maintain a generally clean and tidy home or business.

Who should use Pest Free?

Pest Free is the only product in the world to be conclusively scientifically tested and proven to work. So if you want my advice, and I might be a little bit bias, I would put a Pest Free into my home and business today.

On a final note

We are extremely proud of how many families and business owners our product has been able to help over the past 25 years. And remember: Pest free Commercial and Pro Units are fully endorsed by HACCP within the Food Industry. The Pest Free Technology has been designed and patented in Australia. Our company is very proud of that and our achievements. 

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