Spring cleaning guide: Your room by room checklist

By  Pest Free


It’s one of the most exciting times of the year when we start to see the first glimpses of spring on the horizon. The sun sticks around a bit longer, the morning air isn’t quite so fierce and the trees and flowers begin to flourish.

With all of this magic and wonder going on outside, it’s also the perfect time to spare a thought for the inside of your home, too. Undertaking a thorough spring clean helps to get everything sparkling again, especially the areas that may have been neglected over the winter (don’t worry, we all do it!). 

To help you rally the troops and organise the most efficient use of your time and resources, we have put together a room by room spring cleaning guide. Check out our tips for rolling up the sleeves and getting it done this spring!

Your Spring Cleaning Task List



  • Spray down all bench tops with an anti-bacterial spray
  • Move all appliances and clean surfaces underneath where possible
  • Sort through cupboards under sink - clean benches and throw out anything unnecessary
  • Check for moisture, leaks in pipes or anywhere that might require mould removal
  • Vacuum behind refrigerators, dishwashers if possible and all cupboard and pantry shelves
  • Check for signs of pests (Tip: Learn what attracts cockroaches to a home)



  • Ensure all lights are switched off, then clean any dust and grime from fittings
  • Clean shower glass inside and out
  • Tackle the toilet with a powerful domestic cleaner
  • Clean out vanity cupboards
  • Stocktake your linen press and only keep the essentials


Living Room/Family Room

  • Gently wipe down TV/Stereo and AV unit
  • Move all furniture to vacuum areas that haven’t received attention for a while
  • Take the opportunity to wash all rugs and mats 
  • Use an extendable feather duster to reach the ceiling corners
  • Wash or dry clean pillow cases 
  • Give any wooden surfaces a spruce up with a quality wood polish
  • Vacuum or wipe down curtains and blinds 



  • Vacuum floor and skirting boards thoroughly 
  • Check pipes and taps for signs of leakage 
  • Remove lint build up from the dryer
  • Mop the floor with hot water, an all-purpose cleaner, and disinfectant


  • Pack away winter clothing in storage tubs
  • Move beds and vacuum underneath 
  • Use a micro fibre cloth on all lamps, blinds, mirrors, and bedside tables
  • Check for build-up of dust and grime in window sills, and use an old toothbrush or similar to clean if required
  • Leave windows open for a full day to air out the room
  • Use an upholstery cleaner on your mattress if required
  • Call in professional cleaners, like Electrodry, to give your floor an exceptional clean. 


We hope this checklist helps you tackle your spring cleaning with confidence.

If you notice signs of pest activity during your spring clean, check out our range of chemical-free pest solutions here.


Image Source: Pexels