Why is pet-friendly pest control so important for your loved one’s health?

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The end of autumn is one of the best times of the year.


You can bust out your shorts again.


Daylight Savings gifts you an extra hour of sunshine.


The temperature cracks 30 degrees for the first time.


You know summer is here to stay. And you know what that means…


No, not barbeques, beach trips, holidays and tans.


It means the bugs are back!!!


Coming up to summer, you need to get proactive. You’ve still got time to barricade all those nooks and crannies to keep the pesky blighters out. Now is the time to make sure you’ve organise quality pest control for your home - not just for the health of your family, but for the health of your pets too.


Cockroaches love hot weather and you can guarantee these little critters will be packing their bags and organising their little trips to move in with you for a nice and steamy summer.


And it’s not just roaches. Ants will be stampeding in to hoover up the cold cordial spills on the kitchen counter. Worse still, those nibbly mosquitos are sure to zoom straight through your doors and windows during barbecue season.  


But it’s not just a couple of mozzie bites and some scurrying critters you have to worry about.


Summer is the most dangerous time for your family pets, and if you haven’t organised pet-friendly pest control, you run the risk of your cats, dogs and other animals developing serious health problems from the influx of insects and bugs.

September is the start of tick season and unfortunately for our furry friends, some tick breeds are able to infest dog kennels and carpets - the homes of high traffic areas for your pets.


Mosquitos also spell bad news for our cats and dogs. We only have to deal with a couple of itchy spots and bumps. But mosquitos can transfer heartworm to animals, and if you are too late to find the issue and organise treatment - the impact can be fatal.


You also need to make sure the pest control itself is safe for your pets and family. Some chemicals and additives involved in lower quality products can be harmful to the health of your loved ones inside and outside of the home.


The good news - it’s actually pretty easy to protect your pets and family from the worst of the summer critter infestation.


We’ll explain exactly how to shield your home from each of the most common and dangerous bugs and insect to help keep your pets safe this summer.

How to use pest control to prevent ticks

Most of us understand the dangers of ticks, but many Australian pet owners are not aware of the significantly heightened risk for our cats and dogs in the summer months.

Ticks come into the house with an express journey aboard our pets. Some breeds (like the brown dog tick in particular) are able to infest and breed in your carpet.

When ticks bite, they can leave a dangerous neurotoxin in the bloodstream. The impact on you or your pets can be genuinely horrific - the toxin can cause progressive paralysis of muscles. Not pleasant.

Pest control should be a non-negotiable priority for you and your pet’s sake this summer.  

(Rodents are also a major source of ticks, fleas and other dangerous parasites in the house! Find out exactly why you need quality pest control to stop rats and mice from damaging the health of you and your pets.)

How to use pest control to prevent mosquitos?

Mosquitos may be the most irritating part of our summer.

Sadly, a couple of bites and itches are nothing in comparison to the damage a mozzie bite can inflict on our pets.


Just one bite of your cat or dog has the potential to be life-threatening.


Heartworm can only be spread between mosquitoes and pets.

Mosquitoes pick up heartworm when they bite an already infected animal. These greedy beasts will fly on and feed again and again on other unassuming animals.


It’s scary how simple a heartworm infection can be for your pet. If you’re not aware of the problem, you might not be able to get the treatment your pet needs in time. If left untreated, heartworm can be fatal.


Try as we might to keep them out - mosquitos tend to get inside during the summer.


Essential oils like citronella, lavender and lemongrass are amazing natural repellents for mosquitoes or you can check out our natural pest control products for a more thorough preventative.


How to use pest control to prevent ants


The ants come marching two by two right into your house no matter what the season - but summertime is just as fun for your little six-legged squatters.


Ants are attracted to moisture in your walls, food particles on your kitchen counter and your dining room table, and even the water in your household plants!

Ants love living in your house because there’s so much to chew on and, unfortunately, the list of ant chew toys includes our pets.


Ant bites cause significant discomfort and itchiness in our pets.


You can keep your pets safe from ants by fashioning your own homemade repellents. Essential peppermint oil near windows and doors is great for keeping ants at bay (as well as making your house smell fantastic) or lemon juice helps confuse their sense of tracking.

Pet-friendly pest control is simple, cheap and fast, so get started now

There are loads of ways to keep your home pest free for you and your pets.

Natural repellents are a cheap, easy, pet-friendly way to keep a range of bugs out of your house. Here are four homemade repellent ideas you can try at home.


We offer a range of affordable, pet-friendly methods of pest control to universally repel bugs, ticks, ants and rodents to keep your family and your pets safe.


Be proactive, and start protecting your loved ones from the dangers of these summer-loving critters today. Check out our pet-friendly pest control options right now.


Practice natural pest control in your home with our range of chemical-free pest control products.


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