**Special - Pest Free Domestic - Buy 2 & SAVE $30!

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 **Special - Pest Free Domestic - Buy 2 & SAVE $30!
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Special Price:$209.90
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Take advantage of this great offer. Order 2 x Plug-In Pest Free Domestic units and save $30 on the total cost. 

The Pest Free Domestic Unit was the original and still bestselling Pest Free product with millions now being sold in the countries that we operate in.

Coverage Perfect for the average family home, the Pest Free Domestic unit will cover up to 200 sqm.

How does it work? The Pest Free Domestic units when in operation alters the background of the already existing Electromagnetic Field contained within a building’s structure. The unit operates by switching a coil across the active and neutral leads of the electrical supply wiring.

Note: It is recommended that two (2) storey homes place a Pest Free Domestic Unit on each level of the home, (regardless of size) to obtain maximum protection.

Pest Free Guarantee Pest Free comes with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee and a 2 year manufacturers warranty on parts and labour.