Pest Free's Natural Pest Control Philosophy

Pest Free Australia Pty Ltd began its humble beginnings in early 1992 with the view of reducing the use of dangerous and toxic chemicals throughout the world using natural pest control.

Having commissioned a large engineering company and also working with the Newcastle University, it took the company approximately three years and many hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and development before placing the first Pest Free Domestic Unit onto the Australian market in February 1995.

As the word spread about Pest Free's natural pest control approach, the sales increased and it opened new doors and possibilities for the company to go back to the drawing board to design further products to suit different markets that our customers were asking for. This led to the development of further natural pest control products which are now a stable in the company’s product line. With the introduction of a further four products, the Pest Free Control, Pro, Commercial, and Micro units, Pest Free can now proudly boast that it can now virtually cover all forms of buildings from a small apartment, to a home, business, factory, and even within machines themselves such as vending machines, dishwashers etc.

Being the only company in the world to have conclusive scientific testing from a leading Australian University from an emeritus professor with over 42 years’ experience and classed by the united nations as an expert in his field, Pest Free stands unequaled on a now world market which sees Pest Free being sold in a dozen countries and expanding.


The long term destination for our company is to see every home or business in the world install a Pest Free and help the world reduce the amount of harmful, toxic, and dangerous chemicals currently being used to kill rats, mice and cockroaches.

We continually seek to achieve only the very best products and provide a one stop solution to our valued customers with their pest needs.

Our customer is paramount and we place them at the core of what we do and represent.
Our worldwide distributors are also paramount to our companies future, and we encourage teamwork, mutual respect, and strong growth in continually learning to benefit not only for ourselves, but our customers as well.

Innovation is part of our DNA

Our company was built on innovation and we are committed to constant and never ending improvement worldwide. We recognised that change is essential to achieving growth. Therefore, we believe in striving to anticipate and respond to customer changing needs through constant evolution and innovation.