Who we are

About Pest Free

Pest Free is the Australian pioneer and leader in Electromagnetic Chemical Free Pest Control against rats, mice and aiding in the control of cockroaches.

Our company has designed and now manufactures a product to suit all domestic and commercial buildings and machines.

Our patented technology has received multiple research development and exporting grants from the Australian Federal Government. The exporting of our products has resulted in a large demand and increase for all our patented chemical free products to many overseas countries.

For years the only traditional way to control pests was with the use of poisonous chemicals of which most have been totally banned today, owing to the potential damage their use had to human health and our environment. Consumers all over the world are stopping the use of chemicals in their homes and businesses and are plugging in one of our 5 designed chemical free products that suits their home or business.

Our company is serious about its commitment in providing our chemical free technology that contributes to the well being of the worlds communities and to the worlds precious environment. Today there are well over a million homes, businesses and food outlets using and enjoying our safe and effective Plug-In Pest Free® products. Protecting their families staff and customers without the use of hazardous and poisonous chemicals.

The Plug-in Pest Free Story

'With satisfied customers willing to share their results with others all around the world. We are confident the use of Plug-In Pest Free® will continue to grow to become a household name. Pest Free Australia wants to provide a better world without the use of harmful and poisonous chemicals, giving our children and the children for generations to come, a far better world and environment.'



Plug-in Pest free®

  • is Australian Patented & Designed & the Company is a fully Australian owned & Family run Company since 1993.
  • has received multiple Exporting Grants from the Australian Federal Government.
  • has exported its product to numerous overseas countries since 1996.
  • was a finalist and highly commended in the prestigious Australia Post Small Business of the year Awards.
  • is manufactured "lead free" assuring quality and reliability that meets global health and environment standards.


I am proud of Pest Free.
It's a real Australian success story.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read the information of my Patented Scientifically Proven Chemical Free Technology Plug-In Pest Free. I am certain after reading all my information you are now ready to take a major step forward in the purchase of my Chemical Free Pest Management System for your Home or Business for the health of your Family, Staff Customers and our environment.

Unfortunately, in the past and even today the reflex actions of most Homes and Businesses are to arrange for one of the thousands of Toxic Chemicals to be used to control their rodent problem. These ongoing expensive chemical treatments by Pest Controllers can prove to be more deadly than the “Disease” the rodents themselves spread. By approaching the problem of rodents from the real cause of their invasion in your home or business, I believe my Chemical Free Proven Technology is by far the best.

I am sure that you will agree that the best way to keep Rats Mice & Cockroaches away from your environment, is to change that environment. Plug-In Pest Free alters what is normally a friendly environment for rodents into a hostile environment without the use of toxic and poisonous chemicals.

I have spent the past 24 years of my life perfecting the best electromagnetic chemical free pest control pest management system to be the best in the world, and with satisfied customers in Australia and Overseas Countries willing to share their results with others I am confident Plug-In Pest Free will grow to become a household name. I am very passionate about reducing the use of toxic and poisonous chemicals used by pest controllers and as a father and grandfather I care about the future of our children and for the children of generations to come without the use of chemicals.

I had a pest controllers tell me, the chemicals he sprayed were environmentally friendly? I said to him if that is true why do you use a breathing apparatus to spray them? My belief is, IF A CHEMICAL KILLS IT’S A POISON!

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Ray Connell. JP.